Monday, August 18, 2008

Too Much TV?

I think we watch too much TV. I am actually trying to convince my husband to go TV free for just one week. One little, tiny week. To actually take the TV and put it in the garage. We have an old heavy TV so this would be no easy task. Anyway, to prove that we watch too much TV here is what happened this morning.

I was doing a little learning time with my 3-year-old son. I printed out the shape of a square and we were going to cut it and color it. I asked him if he knew what shape was on the page.
He said, "Um, TV?".

Yep, too much TV.


  1. that is toooo funny! I know we do (7 year old twins) when we drive by a McDonalds billboard and they can recreate the commercial from TV.

  2. We actually went TV free about 2 years ago. We hardly miss it. We still have movies around to watch, and we do have video games, but those come out only occasionally. We love the time to be together, and I love my children not wanting every greatest thing they see on TV!

  3. Any TV is too much TV! It is truly our idol of today. Come on, why is it that nearly every american home you walk into has a tv right in the middle of the "family room." Positioned in the center, usually with carpets, pillows, couches and chairs strategically placed around as to create a better view of "the god" DESTROY THEM ALL...hey that's my soapbox anyway!

  4. I agree. You DO watch too much TV at your house. Sorry.

    :) So, did Ryan go for that?

  5. Heidi,

    No, Ryan has not went for it. This will be very hard for him because he actually grew up not watching much TV and they also did not have cable (his parents still don't). So I think he is making up for lost time, just kidding. We will see how it goes.

  6. Well, if you at least drop cable and go with an antenna, think of all the money you will save. Plus, with many, many fewer channels, there's a lot less to watch and it's a lot less appealing to turn it on - less temptation, if you will.


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