Thursday, September 23, 2010


Popcorn its my favorite treat.  Fun to make.  Fun to Eat.  Well, that was from a Barney song and every time I hear the word popcorn it comes to mind as unfortunate as that is.  Pretty much all my music these days comes from a purple dinosaur and some talking vegetables.

We love popcorn at our house.  Especially homemade, cooked on the stove and then drizzled with melted butter popcorn.  So this year as a garden experiment I decided to try to grow popcorn.  I bought 4 plants at a local nursery and planted them.  Three of them survived.  They were so easy to grow.  I planted them in my square foot garden and barely did anything with them.  I watered them and pulled an occasional weed.  Well, we got 3 cobs of popcorn when it was all said and done.  Not very many but I was just excited we got three.

And I could not find anywhere how to get the kernels off of the cob so I invented my own way:

I put the cobs into a gallon size freezer bag and just "pushed" them off with my fingers.  I don't know how else to do it but it worked well and contained the mess.  And don't worry I tested the kernels and dried the cobs before I did this.  The popcorn works!  Now for some recipes.  Here is how I make my homemade popcorn.

And last year I made some food gifts with popcorn and all of the recipes you may find here.  My favorite was the chocolate popcorn and the peppermint and the Carmel and the peanut butter.  You should to try them all!  But I especially love Carmel popcorn in the fall.  Don't you?

So how do you like your popcorn (I just know someone is going to say "from the microwave").

For more fall favorite recipes, check out Life as a Mom.


  1. That is awesome! I think I will buy some popcorn next year. I love to make caramel corn in the fall's a lot of work, but so fun (and messy) to eat while watching a football game. The kids love it.

  2. I never even thought of growing my own popcorn! That's awesome... adding popcorn to my wish list for my future garden when I have a yard:)

  3. We air pop our corn and then put real butter, salt and a little hot sauce on top! YUM!
    This may be a stupid question but how did you dry the corn on the cob? Just set it out? Just wondering.
    Have a fabulous day!


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