Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Some Days

Some days, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing.  Ha, there I said it.  Pretty much everyday I have no idea how I made it through yesterday and most of the time I can't figure out how I will make it till bedtime yet each day I do. 

Some days are so much better than others. 

Some days I am praying that I make it until 8pm. 

Some days the house is amazingly clean (I can't really remember those days but I know there were some) and some days the house is such a wreck that I really just want to move out of it and not go back to it.

Some days I make delicious meals and some days I serve popcorn and cereal on the living room floor (true story). 

Some days I only let the kids watch one cartoon and some days I'm not sure if the TV is turned off. 

Some days I work out for an hour and some days I eat a lot of chocolate and forget what its like to be able to wear a size that is a single digit.

Some days I am the sweetest wife and I serve my husband his dinner and regularly refill his drink.  Some days I don't do that (better not say much more than that).

Some days I serve others selflessly and some days I pray my phone won't ring.

Some days I read my Bible, pray for lots of people and memorize my memory verses.  Some days I think about doing all of those things but it never actually happens.

Some days I think I can do it all and then some days I know I can't.

But on all of those "Some days" God gives me the grace to do the best I can everyday.

Thank the Lord for Some days.


  1. That was inspiring. Thank you! I feel so similar but forget to thank God for "some days."

  2. Right there with you sweet sister.
    I'm hoping today is one of those "good" days. LOL!
    Have a blessed day no matter what!

  3. Don't we all fall into this boat. Great post. So true.

  4. Yes, thank the Lord that there are some days...


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