Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Simple Things

I always have been a simple things kind of girl.  I have never been too into fashion (shocked, right?).  I don't buy shoes by the hundreds.  I practically use one purse the whole year (yes, I know its shameful).  I am horrible at decorating my house.  I honestly hate brand new cars because as soon as I get one I would run over a curb and mess up the tire or scratch it to pieces.  Its just too much pressure.

I am not a fan of fancy electronics since I don't like to read instruction manuals I wouldn't really get much use out of them.  I don't go on many elaborate vacations to exotic locations.  I don't like flying and I am not a fan of leaving the country.

I hate the thought of paying full price for clothes.  I glean much satisfaction if I buy my shirts for $3.99 at the Goodwill.  Although I do buy new things too - I just bought us some Performance Fleece at Old Navy for $5 each.
I am not a big fan of jewelry.  I  usually wear my wedding ring and that is it.  Recently, though, I am starting to try to wear a little more bling.  I am trying to at least put on a necklace and maybe some earrings.  I think since becoming a mom I just don't think about accessorizing so I am trying to think about it a little more.

Although there is nothing wrong with buying new things and having nice stuff and owning more than 2 purses and buying new cars.

I just like the simple things:

Flannel sheets
A fireplace
A warm bed on a cold night
A big garden full of delicious vegetables
A dirty, chubby little face with a big smile on it
A good, home cooked meal
A big family
Popcorn on the stove with butter and salt
And a small, cozy house full of the people that I love

These are the blessings that I am most thankful for - the simple things.


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