Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Week in Review - Start of Summer

Last week Iman's class had an indoor picnic to celebrate the ending of the school year.  They played games and had fun.  His little brother and sister tagged along and they got in on the fun too.

And we made dinner for my mom for her birthday and then I made my Grandma's fudge because she requested I do so. She played follow the leader with Miss M and it was pretty cute.

And this was the first day of school and the last day of school.  I think he's changed a little.

We played some horse shoes.  The kids have never played before and we all made sure to stay out of the way.

Let me out!  Just kidding - it is just Little Man on the other side of our deck.

 And since it has been soooooooo hot (and trust me I'm not complaining) we broke out our favorite sprinkler - the rocket.  The best $14.95 we have ever spent.

Miss M playing with her cute cousin Anna.

And Daddy so generously bought us this little pool and the kids have been loving it.  Miss M would like to get in about 8am and get out about 10pm.  And yes, we are jumping off the picnic table.

 Little Man is not as fond of the pool.  He would just rather walk around and model his swimsuit.

 Then we made a Coke slushie - whoa Mama was it yummy!

 We have been trying to retain at least some of what was learned this year.  Here is the Iman reading a story to his little sister.  It was pretty sweet.

And as a side note - today would have been my Grandma's 80th birthday and I want to write about her but it is still just too painful.  I hope I'm able to write something about her like I did my Grandpa but I can't today.  I just can't.

I do hope you all have a blessed week.


  1. It sounds like your kicking off Summer pretty good! I want a Coke slushie! LOL!

    I'm sorry you feel bad my friend, some day you'll be able to write a wonderful tribute. The tears will still come but they will be joyful tears as you remember your grandmother that obviously touched your life.

  2. Kim,

    You are always so sweet. Thank you! You should definitely fix the kids a Coke slushie. It is really easy - just Coke and an ice cream maker.

  3. Looks like an excellent kick-off to summer! So happy that you are finding so much joy in the little, beautiful things. Don't stress over not being able to write a tribute to Betty. We all know your heart in regards to how much she influenced you! The day you feel you are ready to write it...will be an amazing day. Until then, don't worry about it! Just embrace the memories. I still find myself stunned and still trying to process my own reality of loss. I don't know when it will EVER not feel so fresh! No time tables!


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