Friday, July 29, 2011

My Garden This Week with plans for August

This week we have had a few red tomatoes, some carrots, strawberries and garlic.  One thing that annoys me is that I plant my cilantro too early and by the time my jalapenos and tomatoes are ready to make salsa, my cilantro has about gone to seed.  I need to remember that for next year.

We are not getting any rain here.  I have had to water pretty much daily to keep things going.  I hope we get a good soaking soon.

I should have waited a little longer to pull this garlic, but I am letting it dry now.

Chocolate mint in a container so it doesn't take over

My one pumpkin from my one squash plant left

This tomato is almost ready

My red onions from seed!  They are getting bigger

Giant sunflower

Strawberry bed that I keep getting strawberries from

My one stock of corn that I grew from seed
Going to try some seed saving

Plan for August:

Fall Planting: beans, carrots, lettuce and spinach.  I might even try some broccoli too.
Keep watering!
Harvest garlic and onions (if ready) and save some bulbs to replant in October
Pull weeds and plants who are dong producing
Learn more about saving seeds

What are your plans for the months ahead?


  1. Congratulations on the fine vegetables you have grown! They're great and organic!

  2. Great harvest. I love your big tomatoes and those carrots looks perfect. I'm just wondering how can you tell that a carrot is ready to pull?

  3. @Tabby Tiger
    I am no expert. Basically I just kind of dig around them to see how big the tops are or I pull one to check it.

  4. Your doing great in your gardening! It looks you have a lot of vegetable varieties which are ready for harvesting. Keep it up and good luck for the next harvesting period!


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