Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Week in Review - July 2011

Well, we had a busy Saturday and I don't know what else we did because I seemed to only have pictures from Saturday.  My nephew Hudson's 1st birthday party was on Saturday.  My sister did a crab/beach theme and it was so cute!  My other nephew, Milen's 1st Birthday is coming up too!

Hudson's Crab Shack

Here's the 1 Year Old

Loved her theme

He wasn't too sure about eating all that cake

It was hot - the kids played in the little sprinkler

The bow was bigger than his head
 Then we went over to our friends, AJ and Angel's house, for more fun.  The kids played in the kiddie pool and ran through the sprinklers while the adults sat around and ate ice cream.

 Well, I think everyone knows how hot it is outside and this week, we are mostly staying in because I start sweating if I go out to hang up the laundry.  And I don't love sweating.

How are you staying cool this week?

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  1. she is such an awesome cake decorator! I wish I had those skills...but I can still only make "roses" not sure if you can really call them that.


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