Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Life Simplified - Kids Clothes

Doing the kids' laundry is always such a dreaded chore for me. So many little clothes to hang up on little hangers.  I have tried all sorts of systems (just ask my husband).  I have tried hanging up everything and not having dressers and it worked but I just got  tired of hanging everything up and since my three children share one clothes closet (albeit a big one!) hanging everything up was not working.

So we changed things up.  Here is what I did - asked people for unused dressers sitting around their house.  I found one and I put it into the closet.  We have NO dressers in the bedrooms.  This was a tip I got from an organizational book I read a few years ago. 

Just threw this picture in because it was cute.
Step 1:  Go through all of the kids current clothes.  See how many pajamas they have.  I kept five pairs each and I think that is way plenty.  Next go through their clothes.  Ask yourself how many outfits can be made from these pieces?  I figured we needed 5-7 outfits plus a few grubbier outfits for play at home and a few (3-5) church outfits.  I try to keep neutral shirts to match with skirts or jeans to be worn to church or just whenever we go out so they do double duty.

Step 2:  Pack away clothes that are too big in tubs for next year.  Then grab a bag for the clothes you are getting rid of - pass them on or donate them.

Step 3:  Organize the rest.  I am nerdy so I made these clothes tags and I hang the kids clothes up behind the tags.

Step 4:  Follow through with your system.  I also label the drawers so the kids can put away folded items themselves.  We keep pajamas, socks, undies, etc. in the drawers.  I have my older son help hang up his clothes.   Just keep putting the clothes away where they should be and you will have a smooth laundry system.

Another thing we have been trying to do is having them put their pajamas under their pillows when they make their beds so they can re-wear them for a night or two.  This cuts down on the laundry as well.

I do want my kids to look nice but I am all for hand-me-downs.  We are fortunate enough to have a lot of clothes given to us (except for my older son) so we don't have to buy a lot of things.  Mostly we just supplement what was given to us.  When I go through the items (as I stated above) I keep a 3x5 card handy with each kid's name on it and write down what is missing - such as long sleeve white shirts or black shoes, etc.  I do this in the fall and in the spring.  Then I put it in my purse so I can look for those items when I am out.

Less clothes = less laundry = less space needed = happier mom


  1. Sounds like a great system to me. And I don't think you're nerdy! LOL!
    Have a great day.

  2. I love reading how other moms handle the clothing monster. Like you, I have found that fewer clothes helps keep my sanity!

  3. @Gina
    I do agree! Less stuff always helps me have more sanity except when it comes to kitchen gadgets then I seem to not be able to have enough.


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