Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kids Activity - Indoor (or Outdoor) Sandboxes

I don't know if you remember but a while back I had some things I wanted to accomplish during spring break.  One of those things was an indoor sandbox.  I was finally able to finish this.  We have had some cool weather this past week which means we can play outside but we can't play in the water because it is too cold.

So I thought this would be perfect to play with on the deck.  I bought 3 bigger containers at the $1 store.  I also bought a few sand toys there as well.  I bought play sand at Lowe's for $3.46.  I keep everything in this tub and keep it on the deck.  (*Sorry about the quality of the picture)

The kids really had fun.  They put aquarium rocks in there to "mine" for them.  My youngest son played with some cars in his.

Then they decided to make footprints in them too.

This was a great alternative to a big sand box.  We just don't have room for that right now and we don't really like the mess of a big sandbox either.  Check out The Happy Housewife for instructions as to how to make your own.  Don't forget to grab the shower curtain liner at the $1 store to use to play on.  It makes clean up really easy!



  1. Too cold to play in the water? Does that mean we're bad parents for putting out the waterslidr attachment?

  2. What a cool idea! We live in a row of townhouses and everyone's backyards are basically connected, so this would be perfect!

  3. @Heidi Stone Photography
    I would never say you are bad parents. Some kids just tolerate the cold better.


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