Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Yes, I am an impatient person. So I don't like wordy blogs that take all day to make a point (but I do love to wade through them sometimes because they are entertaining - don't hate me). My first blog is about why I don't shop at Wal-mart.
1. No Customer Service
2. Almost every product is made in China where they only let you have one child (and abort the rest) and they kill and persecute Christians - STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT IT and do something - don't buy products made in China - Yes that means you have to actually spend a little more money and check labels to see where the products were made.
3. Did I mention No Customer Service?

So there you have it, short and to the point. Of course there are other reasons not so shop there, but I will leave that to another worddy (if that is a word) blogger.
-Side note: I did shop at Wal-mart for years and even met my husband there. I also loved to comp shop there, but NO MORE!

*I am adding another note - I am not just against Wal-mart doing this. I know there are many other places that import from China. Wal-mart just happens to be the biggest one. I would advise anyone to look at the products your buying and see where they are made. If nothing else, than just to be aware of where the products are coming from!


  1. I didn't know you felt that away about the Mega Lo Mart...me too;)

    I do end up in there about once or twice a year, though. I DID actually find a pair of boots for T that were made in Canada...that's a little better right?

  2. @Ma
    I usually only end up there once or twice a year too. Once Ryan went there and I refused to get out and I just stayed in the van. I really, really don't like that place.


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