Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend - Kids!

We have two children, a boy who is almost 3 and a baby girl who is just 8 months. Our little man wanted chocolate milk at his grandma and grandpa's this weekend and grandma said she didn’t have any chocolate milk. So I told him he would have to have regular milk. The rest of the trip he kept saying, “I want yegular milk.” And I would try to help him phonetically sound out r-e-g-u-l-a-r. But he just kept saying yegular. He also was given a pop gun by Great-Aunt Sue and Great-Uncle Glen. He loves the gun. He wanted to sleep with it. It is all he talks about. He wanted to take it out to my dad's house, but he forgot it at home. He begged us to turn the car around and go get it. Also, at my dad’s I told him we needed to go because we had to go home. So he said “Okay.” And I thought that was surprisingly easy since he always wants to stay with them. Well, then he hugged my leg and gave his dad a kiss and said good-bye. He thought we were leaving, but he was staying there. It was so funny except not to him when he found out he was actually going home.

We stayed at a hotel Friday night and my little man has only stayed at a hotel once and he was a baby back then so as we were getting ready for bed he said, “Mommy, is this our new house?” Then later as we were walking back to our room he pointed to the other rooms and he said, “Those are other people’s houses.”

And of course our little doll baby girl started kind of talking this weekend. She says, “Da da da da” over and over again. So it was an eventful weekend, and the best part was that my husband graduated from college. He finally has his Bachelor’s degree after two deployments being in the Persian Gulf, getting married and having two kids. I am so proud of him for finishing!!!

So it was an excellent Mother’s Day weekend!

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