Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Simplifying my life . . .

I really am not attached to stuff. I never have been. It works well in my marriage because my husband cannot stand too much stuff. Shortly after we got married we went through everything we had (Ha! We just got married. We barely had anything!). We made a big pile of stuff in our living room and gave it all away. So one thing we got rid of is sheet sets and towels.

Why would we do that you ask? Simplify, less laundry, less space to store those things. There were only two of us in the house. How many towels do you need? You might need two per person and then a few extra for guests. Also, how many sheet sets can you put on a bed at one time? So we went down to two sheet sets. Well, we do have a few more than that now. We have two winter sets (I love flannel sheets in the winter). I believe we have 4 regular sheet sets, two for our bed and two for our fold out couch when guests come. My stepmom regularly makes fun of me for having like one wash cloth per person (we have more than one).

But we don’t have a lot of towels. We have been hanging up our towels after we dry off with them for a while now. This is what my husband did growing up. So that means you don’t need a lot of towels, and you also do less laundry. My husband says, “Well, you were clean when you dried off with them so how dirty could they get?”

So there you go, those are a few things that work for me. I should also mention my mother here. She is the queen of organization. She made me go through my closet quarterly in high school and get rid of things. So I do come by the simplifying thing honestly.
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  1. My grandmother thinks I'm strange because I dont have overflowing cabinets of sheet sets. Even with kids, every bed(3 not including the crib) has 1 full set(flat, and fitted) and then an extra fitted just in case(for spills etc) The baby has 5 sheets for her crib but she's messy. My house only has 2 closets so storage is limited and I have done this for about 4 years now.

  2. Great viewpoint! Nice blog, too.

  3. Yes - I agree! Thanks for the tip / reminder.


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