Sunday, June 8, 2008

Master List of Meals, Breakfast Update

I have amended my breakfast list slightly. I have taken out Breakfast Casserole because it does call for a lot of eggs and I like to make that when I know I have company because it is something I can do the night before. Also, I apologize ahead of time for my formatting. I don't know how to format very well with blogger!

Pumpkin Pancakes (Homemade whole wheat pancakes with pumpkin added to them)
Yogurt and toast - I actually never make the toast. It is usually yogurt with blueberries (frozen ones that are thawed) or strawberries mixed in.
Baked Oatmeal
Fruit Smoothie & pb Toast
*All Breakfast items will also have a fruit

Also, I do have some regular cereal that I had stocked up on so we use that too until we run out.

I have also done a rough estimate of cost per meal:

Monday Granola - Still working on this one.
Tuesday Pancakes (Flour - $0.20 + Milk $0.20 + Oil - $0.50 + Pumpkin - $0.50 + Egg $0.10 = $2.00 for about 40 mini pancakes)
Wednesday Yogurt and toast (Yogurt - $0.40 + Bread - $0.30 + Butter/jam - $0.20 = $0.90 )
Thursday Baked Oatmeal - I am still working on this one
Friday Fruit Smoothie & pb Toast (Milk - $0.20 + Fruit - $0.75 + Toast - $0.15 + Butter - $0.15 = $1.25)
*Fruit items that we eat with breakfasts will vary. I will buy usually what is in season, except for bananas. I buy them usually every week!

It is difficult to estimate something that comes in a large size such as Milk. 1 gallon of milk = 16 cups. So if you paid $2.50 a gallon (which is about the sale price I can usually find) then a cup of milk will cost you about $0.16.

***I just found this link. It is very good. It is a recipe cost calculator. Give it a try!

I am trying to analyze things to get a better handle on what things cost me. If anyone does this currently and has some good ideas about how best to figure this, let me know!

You can see my full menu plan here.

For other Menu ideas visit

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