Sunday, August 3, 2008

We are back!

First off, I just want to recommend Holiday World to anyone in the surrounding area. It is such a great place for families, especially families that have kids under 10. My son is 3 and there was so much for him to do. The park was so extremely clean. The people were helpful and friendly. Also, there is free drinks at the park. The meals were very reasonably priced and you could choose carrot sticks or apple sauce instead of French fries. The water park was amazing. They have very family friendly rules.

My husband was also impressed with the town Jasper, Indiana. We stayed there overnight. It was so clean and such a wonderful little small town. We had so much fun that we may have to make it an annual trip. We went to Holiday world first with my dad, stepmom and sister. After that, we started our trip to Florida. Who doesn't love the south (the southeast especially!)?

Then we went to Destin, Florida. This was also a great place for families. I just cannot even tell you how much I love the ocean. I just cannot imagine a vacation without a trip to the beach. We stayed at a house. We split it with my in-laws. Also, we were 50 feet from the smaller pool that hardly anyone used. We had it to ourselves quite a bit. Mostly we just woke up and went to the pool. Then we came in for lunch and naps and then we went to the beach. It was so nice and relaxing. We had so much fun with my in-laws. They were such great sports. Although, I don't advise taking a 10-month old along if you want to completely relax. I have to say that she was pretty good. She didn't eat too much sand. Anyway, here are a few more pictures from our vacation.

Below is my father-in-law, husband and son walking back from the beach.

Here is a picture of the clouds. I thought they looked really cool.

And below is an awesome picture of my feet in the sand. I already miss it.


  1. Hey! Glad you had a good time! We need to get together. I have some venting to do. Lol.

  2. What a fun trip for the whole family! I have great memories of going to Holiday World as a kid. Glad you had a good vacation!


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