Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2010 Garden

My husband and I have done Square Foot Gardening for a couple of years.  This year we are doing something so exciting as well, we are co-oping a garden with a couple from our church.  They have about 2 acres with a huge garden, cherry trees and blackberry bushes!  It has been neat going over there and planting and weeding.  We have gotten lettuce and spinach and some radishes and this week we are going to get more lettuce and to pick the cherries! 

Tonight I bought and planted some peppers and tomatoes.  We have a nice little garden but I found out last year that I needed a much bigger space than what I had in order to yield enough "crops" to be able to can and freeze for the winter months (which is what I want to do).

Here are pictures of my herbs - this year I have chives (that come back year after year), oregano, basil and cilantro.  My basil is the only plant that survived from my seed experiment.

I bought some lavendar to try this year as well:

And here is one of my tomato plants.  We plant them in big containers because our yard is small.

And here is our square foot garden this year:

This is our strawberry plants (from last year) and we are getting a few good strawberries.  I also planted jalepeno peppers on the left four squares.  I haven't planted anything else in the other squares yet.

Here is our garlic in the front 4 squares and peppers in the back left and we are trying "pop"corn in the back right squares.

This is my salad square.  It is full of lettuce and spinach.  It is truly amazing to be able to go out and just clip your salad for the night.  It tastes so good.  There is a huge difference between this and the store bought salad.  I replanted recently and I plan to just keep doing that throughout the summer.

New this year - my husband bought a compost bin.  We have had it over a month and we are about ready to use the rich black dirt we have in there now.

Gardening is such a wonderful experience.  It always makes me think of God every time you plant a seed and water it and then a plant comes up that gives you food to eat.  I wish I would have really known how fulfilling gardening is years ago.  You have to try it even it if is just one tomato plant.  It is well worth the time and effort.  It absolutely works for me.

Oh and if you are interested in my previous years of gardening check out my posts here and here from our 2008 garden and here for our 2009 garden.


  1. Looks great, Gretch!
    I'm so jealous of your compost bin. I've been wanting one for 2 years now. We saw those at Lowe's last weekend. I wanted to make one ourselves, but Brian wants to buy one. Either way, I want one!

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  3. The internets do no like me today. Anyway - I, too, am jealous of your compost bin. Where did you get it?

  4. Great post! I love playing in the garden with my children!! It's so easy to see how creative and wonderful God is while working outside!

  5. Thanks for sharing pictures! I'd love to hear about your compost bin! Does it really work as well as they claim?


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