Friday, May 14, 2010

Last Night

Last night we celebrated my first born who graduated from Preschool.  He is going to be starting Kindergarten next year and I cannot believe it.

He does things I never thought he would quite do:

He makes his bed (sometimes without being told).

He can write lots of letters (but mostly only if you make him because he WOULD never sit down write and draw for pure pleasure - maybe someday).

He rhymes all the time.

He reminds us that God hates lies and that we should always tell the truth (even when we joke with him).

He loves to pretend and has an imagination that I am constantly amazed by (and perplexed for that matter).

He always prays for a safe trip for us and when daddy isn't home to eat with us he prays for our food as well.

He loves his little brother and mostly tolerates his little sister.

There are many things we wish for our children, but here are the things that I really want for my son:

I don't care if he grows up and goes to an Ivy League College and becomes a lawyer and makes lots of money.  I don't care if he plays professional baseball and becomes a millionaire by 25.  I don't care he takes AP calculus and goes to MIT.

What I want for my son is for him to know God, to love Him, to worship Him to follow Him to come to faith in Christ.  I want him to love others,  I want him to give himself in service to God and to man.  I want him to memorize Scripture. 

If God leads him to marriage, I hope he fulfills his role and enables his wife to be able to be a true keeper of the home.  I hope he models his Christian walk for his children.  I pray he leads a Godly life.   I pray he is a servant leader to his wife.  I pray God will use him.  I pray he will be a true man of God.

If he does any of these, all of the aspects of his life will fall into place so I am not really worried about his "education".  I just want him to always follow after the things of God.

He did have a good time during the song portion of graduation.

And then afterward his Mimi (my stepmom) threw him a "graduation" party.  When he came in and saw the table he said, "Is all of this for me?"

I think I will have Mimi throw all of his graduation parties!  It was a wonderful night.  My little man continues to amaze me and I love him so much.


  1. How cute! And I agree about your hopes for his future.

  2. Great post! I love how you just walked out of a magazine photo shoot with newborn in hand. haha just kidding but you're gorgeous and so is your family.


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