Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'm still here

I am still here!  We did have a great time on vacation.  This week is kind of crazy in the garden and I am going to be doing lots of canning and some freezing so I still won't be around here much - you understand don't you?  I knew you would.  We have had very full and tiring days, but very good days.  I do have a great all-in-one slow cooker meal to share with you when I can load my pictures.  I will try to do that soon.

I also did my homemade vanilla extract for the first time this week.  I got the idea from Heavenly Homemakers.  I also really want to make these cute little playhouses for a Christmas present so I am trying to figure out how to work that in too!  I know that I have to not overwhelm myself with projects especially while all my vegetables are getting ready to need attending to.

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  1. Where is that "all in one" slow cooker meal? I need it!


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