Monday, October 18, 2010

Is there really a $5 fine for whining?

I really have no idea what food we will be eating this week - hows that for a menu plan?

And I think I am getting a cold, arg!

And I am whiny (what you noticed?).

And my husband wanted me not to go completely insane let me go to JoAnn's for a little while by myself tonight so I have some Christmas sewing projects I will be working on (not to mention finishing starting some aprons I have orders for).

Here's a peek at some of my fabric for my Christmas projects not my aprons:

And I can't remember if I posted the aprons I did for my cousin but I  will post them now.  I just could not get a good picture because I was doing it myself so that is my excuse.

And I just order some Skoy cloths from Amazon to see if they will help us cut down on our paper towel usage.

Man you guys are getting the updates today aren't you?  I bet you are glad you stopped by.  Well, I'm glad you stopped by anyway.


  1. That will be $5.00, thank you. I'm kidding! Sorry you're not feeling well :(

  2. Those aprons are so cute! Do you sell them?

  3. Bethany,

    I wasn't exactly planning on it but I have gotten a few orders. I may think about selling them. I am just trying to figure out cost of material and time and what to charge.


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