Monday, October 4, 2010

Read the Bible in 90 Days Wrap Up

I wasn't entirely sure I could do this challenge because I had started this in January and gave up.  This time was different.  Once I was passed Deuteronomy I knew I was going to finish.  I think the reading the Bible this quickly is really effective.  It allows you to see that there is an end.   You remember the words in the Old Testament when they are referred to in the New Testament. 

It gave me a view of God that I have not had before.  I learned so much.  I learned how truly jealous God is for his people.  I learned that the fear of Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I was so thankful to get to the New Testament and then reading the story of Jesus four times through the gospels was so wonderful.  It was heartbreaking and yet reaffirming.

I did have a hard time with Revelations because it was the last book and it is hard to grasp everything without a thorough study of the book.

I would encourage anyone to take this challenge.  They are starting another one in January.  The reading really isn't that long unless you get a few days behind, but even if you do - you can catch up.

I will tell you what else it did for me - it made me rethink so many of the things I was doing.  After the kids went to bed at night is when I usually read my Bible.  It made me turn off the TV and just read the Bible.  After weeks of doing this I really did not want to watch the shows I used to watch.  I got in such a habit of doing that that I just didn't even want to turn on the TV even if I had my reading done for the day.

I have started to see more how important the holiness of God is.  I have seen how allowing the world in (even just a little bit) can lead to destruction as proof from the Israelites. 

I have changed my standards even more about what TV and movies I watch.  I am not legalistic with myself but I find that things that I used to like I don't really like anymore.

Reading the Bible in 90 days is an amazing experience.  In my 28 years of being a Christian I have never done it all the way through and I am thankful that now I have. 

Again, thank you to Mom's Toolbox for challenging all of us to do this!

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