Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY - Chalkboard Clipboard

Say that two times fast - chalkboard clipboard, chalkboard clipboard.  I bought several clipboards from Office Max for about $1.85.  Then I discovered chalkboard contact paper.  You could buy it from Amazon.   Although I bought mine from Discount School Supply for $5.99 but you do have to pay shipping.

I laid the clipboard onto the back of the contact paper and then I drew around it and cut it out.

Then I slowly adhered the contact paper to the clipboard.  I used my Pampered Chef scraper to get out wrinkles or bubbles.

Then I cut around the top so it would lay nicely.

I bought some chalk at Hobby Lobby but I find that my kids hands get very messy so I have purchased some chalk holders from Amazon so they don't get as messy. 

My daughter really likes this.  She has taken it in the car with us.  I keep the chalk and erasers in a plastic baggie and just clip them to the board when she is not using it.  We had a little eraser already that came with some play school stuff, but you could buy a cheap one or just use paper towels or an old towel to wipe the clipboard clean and start again!

This was a very quick and easy project and my daughter really likes it.

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  1. Old socks make a great eraser too. Good use for those socks whose mate got holes.

  2. Didn't know they had chalkboard contact paper. I bought the craft paint for Caroline. She likes that too.


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