Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday's Week in Review on Thursday

I missed posting yesterday because I am redoing the kids bedroom/playroom.  I will put up some pics tomorrow for all you people who love before and afters.  I just want you to know that every week that I post this I just feel so blessed to have this sweet little family that God has given me.  Below you will see pictures of our everyday randomness.  Yes, my daughter prefers not to wear clothes when at home.  My mother tells me I was the same way but I at least make her put pants on before her dad gets home or he may throw a fit (I haven't seen him actually throw a fit, but I don't want to either).  You will see we had more snow to play in and then Makenna helping me make applesauce bread and then she is holding her baby and the "skirt" she made for her with my leftover material.  And then family time on daddy's lap. 

Below is a picture of Isaac at school with his friends.  I volunteered there this past week and it was pajama day!  Although I did not wear pajamas myself.

This is Makenna wanting me to take a picture of her in the middle of my redoing their playroom/bedroom.

And today was inside out day at school.  Isaac said he felt like he was wearing a skirt with the pockets sticking out and he did not want to wear his shirt inside out.

And "proud Mommy alert" but Isaac got 100% on his first spelling test.  Woohoo!

And I posted the following statements from my children on Facebook so if you have seen these before I apologize and if you haven't then enjoy.
I did volunteer in Isaac's class and I did love it. Towards the end I was sitting at a little desk outside the classroom cutting stuff and as Isaac was leaving the classroom he said (in front of his teacher), "Mom, do you feel like your in prison?" His teacher started laughing and said, "Isaac where did you come from?" and he said, "God."
Another one from Makenna - She was standing on a stool in her bedroom and said, "I'm the King of the World" and Isaac said, "No your not, God is". And she said, "God is in my heart" Then he started to trying to wrestle her and so she said, "Don't hurt God". -Because He was in her heart - get it?


  1. They are so sweet! Love the pics and the bit about God in her heart! That is priceless!

  2. I love this post. Such sweet pictures and the things that the kids said are just hilarious!!

  3. You are blessed, and have such a sweet family. And Josh would totally throw a fit if he came home and found our children decided to roam the house with no clothes on for the entire day, even just the little ones. He's very 'particular' to say the least :)

  4. Love the comments from the kids! Too funny!


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