Friday, January 7, 2011

Why I Don't Watch Grey's Anatomy

I have been thinking about writing this post for a while, but I really do have to be careful because I know I could easily cross the line and get into legalism.  I am going to try really hard not to do that.  My friend, Heidi, finally inspired me to write this post.  I am on Facebook.  And as you know about Facebook, people like to put what they are doing at all times.  I do find this interesting.

Although, there are times people are just saying, "Just got home, relaxing and getting ready to watch Grey's."  These are people that I know are Christians.  Before I go much further let me just say that about 3 or 4 years ago I was this person.  Honestly, though I haven't watched Grey's Anatomy since probably 2006 or so.  I finally got so disgusted that I quit watching it.  Now am I saying the Bible says, "Thou shalt not watch Grey's Anatomy"?  Absolutely not.

. . . But you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus and by the Spirit of our God.  All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.  I Cor. 6:11b-12

 Here we are - as Christians we are not under the law, but under grace.  So can you watch Grey's Anatomy and still be a Christian.  Yes!  The real question we should be asking is, "If you are a christian, does the viewing of Grey's Anatomy fit into my Christian walk?  Is it edifying?  What are you thinking about when you are watching these shows?  Is God glorified?"

Does it fit into Phil. 4:8 - Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

I do not know where everyone is at in their Christian walk.  But if you are daily in the Word of God, have a good prayer life, attend a doctrinally sound church then you are going to be repulsed by what you see on most TV shows.  There are still some TV shows and movies that Christians can watch, but you should be careful.

When I used to hear this taught at church I would kind of roll my eyes and think to myself, do they not want us to have any fun.  Now my perspective is different.  One, I am a parent and I see the world differently now.  What you take into your mind is what you will think about it.  It is what you will talk about.  

As the verse stated above, if you are Christians - you have been sanctified - which means set apart.  We are different than the world people - we have to be!  We must hold ourselves to a higher standard and we should expect other people to hold us to a higher standard.  Will we fail?  Yes!  Will we make mistakes?  Yes!

I am not perfect.  I still struggle with the things I watch - like The Office - I do love that show.  I have cut back and rarely watch it, but if there is a rerun on and my husband is wanting to watch it, I will watch it with him on occasion.  

I do my best to read the Bible daily, pray and memorize Scripture.  And I know the closer to God I get the more detestable the things of the earth will become.  I still have fun, but it is the wholesome-family-type-stuff-you-would-do-around-your-parents kind of fun.

I don't have a list of shows for you not to watch.  You have to figure that out for yourself letting the Holy Spirit be your guide and testing it against the Word of God.

But I would recommend The Duggars or an old episode of Andy Griffith.

Was that too painful?  I hope you know that when I am saying this to you, I am also saying this to myself.  I can't say these things and not have people watch what I say and do.
Please prayerfully consider what shows you are allowed to be viewed in your home.  And maybe just turn the TV off and get out your fiddle like Pa Ingalls would do.  But if you don't have a fiddle then maybe a game of Scrabble would do?



  1. seriously, though, who doesn't have a fiddle?

  2. Funny, that episode of Andy Griffith that you have pictured is the very one I was watching in bed last night!

  3. I can honestly say I have never even seen Grey's Anatomy. I didn't know it was a bad show, I just figured it was another hokey doctor show. Now I know to stay away! Thanks Gretchen. But seriously, we do need to be careful. Christian and I were just singing before bed "oh be careful little eyes what you see..." it's so true. That is probably why I rarely watch TV or movies.

  4. It took us a while to become convicted TV-wise, and the husband was the leader in this, not me.

    We rarely watch any anymore, and I haven't missed it a bit. It is hard, though, to give it up in the flesh. But I find that it is a time-burglar and there are so many things to do.

    I love(d) The Office too:)

  5. I think this post could relate to about 99% of the shows on TV right now. We are one of the few that don't even have cable. There is such garbage on there. We usually watch DVD's and of course we have Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke and Little House but one show I do like to watch that comes in through the antenna is Wipeout! That show cracks me up. But I am always right there with the remote to change the channel should anything come up unexpected. We have to guard our eyes. And not only ours but our children's.
    Bless you for sharing your heart today. It does take guts.

  6. Kim,

    Ha, I have to say we do watch Wipeout too. My 5 year old thinks it is hilarious and we find it pretty funny too.


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