Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tot School - 19 1/2 months

Tot School

Oh Tot School - ever interesting, never dull.  Well, yes, this was a short week so we did not get a lot of Tot School in but we did do some including:

Dot to dot page

Some driving school

Some eating of mud - what will this kid not put in his mouth?  But who needs antibiotics when you can eat dirt?
Some playing with our Toddler sewing basket

We did do some other puzzles and such but I was doing good to get the pictures that I did.  I did order a new shape puzzle so I am hoping we can do that next week.  Last week he ate a dot marker, this week mud, wonder what he will eat next week?  Just wait and see . . .

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  1. Your mud-marker eater is really cute.Hugs from Poland. Ewa


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