Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday's Week in Review . . . February

Well, this may be a long one because we have a lot to review.  Let's see . . .

Isaac squared playing some Mario Cart

Friends over for a play date



And more dominoes

Isaac's first b-ball game

I threw my niece a cake decorating party

making roses

And my sister tried her hand at making some roses

then my niece decided to eat a hand full of icing

and here are the girl's lovely creations covered in serious icing

Happy Birthday Jamy
Makenna wanted in on the action

And then we ate her birthday cake that she decorated

and we started a new preschool program for the fabulous Miss M!
She's showing off her mad tracing skills
Batman and our little ninja turtle became friends

We had one of our favorite snacks - homemade popcorn and lemonade slushies

Little man likes it too

And the ice storm of 2011

Our neighbors clothes line - notice the ice cycles
 And there you have another week at our house. 

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