Thursday, March 3, 2011

Get Your Garden On - March 2011

Things to do for this month of March:

DIY Worm Composting from Homestead Revival

Make a rain barrel:

Start seeds in a Greenhouse (from Menards):

I'm still debating whether or not to start my seeds in the greenhouse or to start them with the metal cabinet and fluorescent lights in the garage like I was going to.  Any advice? I plan to start them this weekend.

My chives are already starting to come up.  My tulips are peaking through the ground as well.  I love seeing the green coming from the ground.  It is one of the ways that gardening can be so addicting!

And about the worms - this is all my husband's idea.  He has a friend from work that does it.  I guess we will experiment with them but I am not a fan of touching worms which is why he refuses to take me fishing.  He says that unless I can bait my own hook I can't go.  So I guess I will just have to stay home or go with my dad, I bet he will bait my hook.

What are you doing in your gardens this month? 


  1. Oh, I've been thinking about making a worm bin for Years- I have all the instructions from a newspaper, but my BIL did it and it stunk, so that's made me less willing to go to the trouble. ;-) I'm hoping to get chickens and they like scraps, so maybe I can just by-pass the worm thing (I don't want to touch them either!).

    I start my seeds in our house (as you can tell!) but I don't have a greenhouse- do you think it's better to start them where it's cooler (less hardening off needed?).

    Thanks for linking!
    An Oregon Cottage

  2. Jami,

    I don't want the worm bin in the house so I'm hoping the garage will work. My husband keeps a small heater in our garage because all my canning is in there.
    I haven't tried starting the seeds in the greenhouse before so we will see!

  3. I really really want a greenhouse...but until I get one, I start my seeds inside. If you have a big window that gets a lot of sun you really don't need a grow light. Last year was my first year to use a grow light and my plants grew twice as the time I planted several things they were already flowering. Do you still have canned food from last year's garden or have you used it all???


  4. Christy,
    I have lots of canned food left - green beans and applesauce and lots of frozen corn still.


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