Thursday, March 10, 2011

What gets you through your day?

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I think we can safely assume that we all have good days and bad days.  What helps me get through my days - good or bad - is when I am consistently having my quiet time, using my prayer binder and memorizing Scripture.

Here is how I accomplish this.  What works for me is getting up around 6 and having my coffee and doing my quiet time.  Now for this to work I have to be disciplined enough to actually get up at 6.  I find that once I do this for more than 3 days it does get easier.

What I do:

1.  I am doing my Bible reading from our Word of Life (a program like AWANA) book.  It basically has a reading you do from the Bible and then you write your observation of what you read and then the application to your life.  You could do this with any reading that your doing.  You could also use the S.O.A.P. which I recommend and like.

2.  I use my Prayer Binder that I put together quite some time ago.

3.  I go over the verses that I am memorizing:

Now, make a commitment to start memorizing Scripture!  Find a partner to join in this with you that you could say your verses to each week.  I have posted this before but if you don't know where to start - try using the Navigator's Topical Memory System.  Or you could start by refreshing your memory about the verses you memorized when you were younger.  You could also start memorizing chapters or books - like Jude - just one chapter but you could say you memorized a book of the Bible.  Over the last 18 months I have well over 100 new verses memorized.  I'm not saying this to brag.  I am telling you that I cannot even remember names of simple household items like pot holders.   So if I can do it - anyone can!
4.  And every Friday I meet with my Accountability Partners and this is key because it gives me a deadline in which I need to have things done so that I can discuss the Bible and say my verses.  It also helps encourage me and  keeps me on track!

If you need more resources here are some below from Nancy Leigh DeMoss:

Seeking Him (a 12 week study)

A Place of Quiet Rest - personal devotions

Devotional Tools

Prayer Journal resources:

Make Prayer a Natural Part of your life

12 Ways to Pray for your Child's future mate




Pastor's wife


I hope these resources help you in your own quiet time and if you are already having consistent quiet time then keep it up!  I know we could all use encouragement from time to time.

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