Thursday, April 28, 2011

This week in my garden - More gardening space

My husband has added a few more garden boxes for me (he's pretty great).  These are not the traditional square foot ones these are rectangle instead of square and I did not use the grids.  We bought the main mixture to add to the boxes - 1/3 peat moss, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 compost (with some of our own compost added that we had).  My son got in on the action too and so did my daughter.  They helped us mix up the components.

Herbs are growing


Here are the new boxes

Blueberries seem to be doing well

Another blueberry plant

Lettuce and Radishes  interplanted

Some cilantro and dill coming up in the back

Spinach coming up

One of two strawberry plants that survived my moving them last fall

Garlic going strong
I also saw a "salad pot" at Menards for $14.98 and so I thought that was a good idea so I took a big pot that I had and it already had dirt in it and planted some lettuce, spinach and radishes to have a salad pot on my back deck.  Also, I just planted some more radishes, lettuce, spinach and carrots in one of my new boxes and will plant more in about two week so we can keep having salads all summer (hopefully).  I am doing lots of interplanting this year - because I think it will look prettier and it will also be very functional too.  I also hope to plant some Nasturtium and marigolds around the boxes because they are both suppose to help resist bugs in your garden.  Also, Mom's Frugal had a great post on homemade fertilizer using Epsom salt.  I saw this on a show too about organic gardening.  I will be trying this for sure this year!


  1. Oh, I like that Salad Pot idea! Thank you for linking up to Frugal Gardening! Hope to have you join us next week, too! :)

  2. I love seeing what others are up to in their garden!

  3. Phoebe,
    I hope to keep linking up if I can find things to say about my garden.

    I always love reading about your garden!


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