Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Freezer Smoothies with veggies!

I have tried a lot of smoothie recipes. I have also been experimenting with freezing them and then thawing them and making sure they still taste good.  I don't like the smoothies with yogurt in them when they are frozen quite as much.  Now this recipe is not really super sweet although it does taste good and the recipe can be based on what fruit you have on hand, but you should always try to include oranges because they are juicy and will make the smoothies taste sweet. 

First gather your supplies - food processor (unless you have a Vitamix or some other high powered blender), blender, freezer containers (Ball makes a good one), cutting board and a good knife. I saw this idea on Life as a Mom.

My husband actually taught me this.  We have a blender that can serve as a mini food processor so he takes the fruit  and veggies and chops them really fine in the processor and then puts them in the blender.  It works really well so that your smoothie is smooth and not chunky.   Try to use organic when you can! 

Here is my recipe:

2 organic apples, chopped
2 cups of organic baby carrots
1 cup of organic spinach
4 oranges
1 1/2 bananas (it was all I had in my freezer)
1 cup of peaches, frozen
1 cup of pears with their juice (I had these frozen from last fall)
2 Tbsp. of honey (optional)

As I stated above, the chunkier fruit like apples you would put into the food processor and then put into the blender with everything else.  Then just process this in the blender for about 45 seconds until everything is smooth.  You can add some juice or water if you like it thinner.  Pour into the freezer containers - leave a little head space for them to expand when they freeze.  Take them out of the freezer and let them thaw on the counter or put them in your lunch.

This makes approximately 9 8-ounce smoothies.

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  1. That looks like a great smoothie recipe! I need to make room in my freezer though. I have started using vapur non-bottles to take smoothies on the go, and I could freeze them in the vapur and then put it straight in my lunch. Sounds about perfect. :)

  2. We use a different method for our smoothies. I buy organic yogurt and freeze it in ice cube trays. I then either buy berries (any type) frozen or fresh organic. I also include organic bananas because they taste awesome! I make up sandwich bags with the portions of fruit, bananas and yogurt (about 4 cubes). Those go in the freezer. When it is time to make the smoothie, we just dump one the contents of one of the bags into our blender, add some milk (and sugar) and blend until I like it! If I want runnier, I add more milk - thicker, less milk. It has worked great for us and storage in my LITTLE freezer is perfect! Just thought I would share another way to get some awesome smoothies! Oh yeah, and we have added spinach too:)


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