Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Garden Update - a week late

I took these pictures last week to update you all on my garden progress but I did not get to it.  So these are last week's pictures.  The only big difference is that my blackberry bushes are now blooming.

Some lettuce that has now been eaten and cilantro in the second row and squash in the back left

First row is garlic, then peppers, then tomatoes

Mostly all strawberries with a few random weeds in the back - uh oh better get on that

Marigolds in the front, nasturtiums to the sides, lettuce, carrots, radishes, spinach, tomatoes and peppers interspersed

Check out my baby blueberries - are you as excited as I am?

Broccoli plants that Mamaw bought me for $2.  I figured it was worth a shot.

Oregano, cilantro and chives gone crazy - but they are pretty when they bloom (or go to seed whatever)

A new addition - citronella plants to keep mosquitoes at bay - seem to be helping.  I need to pot them.

I also have some green beans in a small plot my husband dug up for me.  I planted 40 seeds so we will see how many plants come up.

It has been raining like crazy here tonight and we all have been in the bathroom together half the night because of so many tornado warnings here which makes me think about what my SIL went through in Joplin.  She gave me some good advice to take the tornado warnings seriously and I have been.  I think the kids thought it was fun to eat chips and watch a movie on the laptop while crowded in our tiny bathroom.

My daughter said something sweet (she's 3).  She said, "Will God keep us safe?"  And I told her we were praying that He would.  And she said, "Will He have to leave our hearts to keep us safe?"  Oh the preciousness of children.  I told her He would always be in our hearts but he also takes care of us too because He is God and He can do anything!

On that note, please don't forget about the people in Joplin tonight and for the months and years to come.  Keep praying!


  1. So nice to see things growing! I am jealous of the blueberries;)

    The tornado sirens went off all night here it seems. Whew! It is over though, for now.

  2. Love your garden boxes! I have blueberries, too, and can't wait til they're ripe. :)

  3. Ma,
    Don't be jealous. I will bring some blueberries to church to share if they are any good.

  4. Jamie,
    Thanks! This is my first year doing blueberries so if you have tips I would love to hear them.


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