Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Week in Review - crazy weather edition


This past week has been crazy as far as weather.  In the pictures above you will notice my kids were in their swimsuits because it was in the 80’s here last week.  This week - 50’s and rainy, oh Indiana weather.


Yesterday I fixed brunch for some of my family (and you know I just needed an excuse to fix PW’s cinnamon rolls again) and then I took My T and Mamaw, Aunt Julie, my cousin, my sister and nephew and my daughter to this place in Indy that is an old estate where you can tour the mansion and the beautiful gardens.  They have a greenhouse where you can buy really cool plants that you couldn’t find in a regular plant nursery.  And it was free.  All of the ladies I took have a love for flowers and I  thought everyone would enjoy it and we all did!  I love those girls! 

And here are a few of my favorite landscape pictures.


Another blessed week at our house.  I hope you are having a good week as well!


  1. wow, I've never heard of the oldfield estate, but it looks beautiful!

  2. Sarah,
    It is not too far from you - you would love it.


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