Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids Activity Plan - 6.26.11

A few weeks ago, I started making a plan for activities to do each day and it really worked!   So, here is this week's plan:
  • Monday – Make Something Monday (crafts or projects) - We are switching days - today we are going to the Zoo with friends!
  • Tuesday – Time to Read Tuesday (weekly trip to the library) - turn in summer reading books and get more! The kids are LOVING going to the library.   We go twice a week sometimes.
  • Wednesday – What’s Cooking Wednesday (baking or cooking) - Lemonade Popsicles (Snacks) - Start cooking lesson  - Pouring
  • Thursday – Be Thoughtful Thursday (write letters, make cookies, serving others) - make cards to send to our sponsored child through World Vision (didn’t get this done last week).
  • Friday – Go Somewhere Fridays (go somewhere fun) Craft since switching with Monday - Salt Absorbing Fireworks and crowning glory to wear later that night we will be going to see fireworks!

What are your plans for the week?


  1. Love the salt/glue fireworks! We may have to try that!

  2. Adriana actually saw it and got the supplies out to make it with Bradlee this afternoon. It turned out great!

  3. @Tracye
    That girl - she's so good! We are going to do our's tomorrow or later tonight so I'm glad to hear it turned out well.


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