Saturday, August 27, 2011

School Days - The letter Aa

Since this is the first year I am homeschooling my son part time I decided to take a week off from preschool and focus on my oldest.  That was last week and since I have a schedule for him kind of down we went into preschool this week with my daughter.  I started with A.  It is out of order form the RRSP program but it is what I am doing.

We are still working on Bible memorization.  I am also focusing on the letter with her and writing it.  We are also trying to focus on numbers 1-10 - she knows them but she has trouble putting them in order.

Here we are going over numbers 1-5.  She counted them and put the picture under the correct number.
I bought this pan and the magnetic numbers at the Dollar Store for $1 each.

She loves doing this magnetic pattern block board.  I bought it for my oldest but he didn't like it.

Here she is doing her Kumon cutting book.  The girl knows how to cut.

Here is our Montessoire Minute from the Teach Me To Do It Myself book.  She is learning how to pour.  Now maybe she can pour everyone's milk in the morning, maybe.

She still loves doing the playdough mats.

Big brother is helping her draw an "A" on our Aquadoodle Mat.

Little brother is joining in for some dot painting.

Cutting her verse from RRSP.

We are using our busy bags and I had her put the numbers 1-10 in order.  She still has a little trouble doing this.  She can get 1-5 but the rest is a little tricky.

I made this shape puzzle from some of Confession of a Homeschooler's printables.

We had a good week.  I am still learning how to fit in her preschool (and some tot school) in addition to my older son's school work.  I have several weeks prepared ahead of time so that helps.  We use the workbox system to help me be organized.

Just so they are not left out here is a picture of Iman doing some of his work:

And Little Man:

How was your school week?


  1. So sweet! I really like the frogs with the numbers on them. We worked on the letter L last week. I posted pictures of it last night on my blog. Are you doing the letters in order or skipping around?

  2. @busy little bee
    I was doing them in order until this week. The last letter we did was N, but I decided to start over with Aa because I am teaching a children's class at our church on Tuesday mornings in a few weeks and just wanted to be prepared that way because I will be starting with A and will be using some of my resources to do it.

  3. I love, love, love the cookie sheet with the educational magnets! What a great idea for little hands :)
    I'll be making a quick trip to our dollar store this week!


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