Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Felt Advent/Jesse Tree - 1st Ornament - The Earth

As I said to make this less overwhelming we will be doing one ornament a day.

1.  Use Shannon's page to cut out the ornament.  You may go here to print it.  The ornament is at the bottom of the paper.  Cut out a colored ornament and a white ornament.

2.  Next, find your symbol.    Today we are doing the earth.  It is the first symbol in the book.  I used the earth symbol from here.

3.  Cut out your earth shape - land and water.  I cut out the whole earth in blue.  Then I cut out the land in green.  You can glue this on with a felt glue (available at craft stores) or use your heat and bond to attach it (read the instructions that come with it) or hot glue it.  Hot glue doesn't hold quite as well.  You can sew this down, but it is so tiny that I just used the heat and bond and ironed it. 
**You could get your Heat N Bond Lite and trace your symbol onto it.  Then you will want to iron it onto the white  felt.  When using your iron, put it onto the steam setting even though the Heat N Lite instructions say not to.  Use a tea towel or something over the felt as your ironing it because felt will burn.  Yes, I said felt will burn.  I made the circle blue and then I did the continents in green and ironed the green on the blue and then ironed the whole thing onto the ornament.

4.  Sew the white and color-side of the ornaments together.  Leave an opening at the top.  I only sewed the bottom half.  I used "invisible thread" to sew each of my ornaments so you won't have to keep changing your thread unless you just want to use white thread which is fine too.

5.  Once your earth is put together glue it (see above) on your white side of your ornament (I didn't do this). 

6.  Put your number "1" on the color side of the ornament.  You can cut out the numbers from here.  You could also buy the stick on felt numbers at your local craft store.  Make sure they will fit onto your ornament before you buy them.   Put your number on the same way you put the earth on.

Let all of that dry and make sure it is good and "stuck" on.  Then you will take a whole punch (I used a craft whole punch) and punch a whole in the top tab of each side of the ornament.  You will want to do each side because you will be turning the ornament over.  This is kind of tough but it will work if you do it slowly.  It may stick on one side so just take your scissors and cut it the rest of the way off.

There you are - you made your first ornament!  Any questions?

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