Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Free Children's Bible Curriculum

I have been using this Bible curriculum for a few weeks.  I liked it because it was just straight Bible.  Each lesson (and there are 325) has a Bible passage to read.  It also comes with some questions and answers for when you are done reading the lesson.  These are best for a little older kids but can be done with younger ones.  I just read them to the kids to make sure they comprehended what we read.

There are also word searches and other activities but it is geared more toward 1st through 6th graders.  They do always have a coloring sheet for each lesson which my kids work on while I read the Bible passage.

If you wanted to supplement the lessons you can find free Bible crafts at DLTK's Bible Activities.

How I make it happen is that I have a binder and usually on Sunday night I print the weeks lessons, whole punch them and put them in the binder under whatever days of the week we are doing them.  I usually only print page 2 and 3 of the lessons.  I will then search the DLTK's site and see if there are any extra crafts I would want to do.  I keep the crafts to once a week because I just won't do it otherwise.

If you are interested in this curriculum, you could check it out here at Calvary Chapel. They are in PDF form.  They are also in Spanish.

The kids really do listen (well, my two year old sometimes wonders around).  They like the coloring pages and my older son likes the question and answers.  It is free and I like that it goes through the whole Bible including some of the lesser known stories.

What do you do for Bible time with your kids?

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