Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Two Things I am trying to be consistent about

Money Saving Mom had a little Q & A about keeping her kitchen counters cleared off and clean.  I read it a while back but it inspired me to take pretty much clean everything off of my counter and put it away.  This included my Kitchenaid mixer and you probably know how heavy those things are.

Even though my counters were pretty much cleared off it is still a constant battle to keep them that way!  My husband and I were talking about doing something to make life run smoother everyday.  He asked me what we could do to make that happen and as usual I had a list of about 100 things.

He wisely said name a couple things first.  So my top two items were to complete one load of laundry everyday - start to finish and to keep the kitchen counters cleaned after we went to bed so I woke up to a clean(er) kitchen.

I am making an effort to be consistent about these two things for at least a week and then hopefully for two and so on.

You would think that these things would be easy to accomplish but for me they are not.  I have to be intentional about putting the clean dishes away from the dishwasher so I can load it with the dirty ones.  For some reason putting away clean dishes and clean clothes are two of my most hated chores.  I don't know why.

Anyway, this is what I am doing.  It makes my day go so much more smoothly. 

What are you trying to be more consistent about this year (or this month or this week)?

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  1. Good luck!! My husband and I recently agreed to make a go of keeping our counters clear, as well. We don't have a problem with dishes or anything, but we have issues with "stuff." Like the mail or papers that my son brings home from school or our empty lunch bags (this is more my husband's issue than mine... why he cannot put his bag in it's place on the shelf after he empties his dishes out of it, I do not understand.. :) ). We have to be very intentional about putting away all of this "stuff" that randomly accumulates. It's just too easy to place it on the counter and let it build into a week's worth of junk mail. :)


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