Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly School Wrap Up

This week I redid our calendar time poster.  My daughter absolutely loves it (she's 4) and my son actually doesn't mind doing it (he's 6).  I let each of them take turns holding onto whatever flip chart we are doing like the pledge or the Lord's prayer.  They enjoy getting to lead different sections.  My 2 1/2 year old is pretty uninterested at this point but he does hang out in the room with us while we do it.

I finally made a little area for my tot.  He really liked his little area.  We were working on the letter C with my daughter so I printed off Tot School - Letter C and I picked out certain books that had C in them.  I also put a cow and a clown card in his box.

He did a lot better this week with sitting still while I read and also following the dots on some worksheets I printed out.

He did pretty well with this "small, medium, large" activity except occasionally he would mix up medium and large

 My sister read him the crab book too.  He could not get enough of it.

Miss M enjoyed doing her school as usual.  We worked on the letter C and the number 3 and we did her other things as well.   Obviously she knows her letters and her numbers I am just working on refining her writing among other things.  We are doing some Abeka K5 curriculum along with some preschool curriculum.

Her brother is helping her.  It is a rare moment.

This week (with my 1st grader)  we worked on higher level math subtraction using 10 rods with my son.   I don't know why I always just get pictures of him when we do math but I promise we do other subjects too.

If you are interested in what we are doing for school check out my school plans post.  Although I have switched up what I am doing with my preschooler and tot schooler since that post.

 Our school week in review!



  1. I love your calendar time poster. We have an area similar to that but I'm so bad at being consistent. Maybe I need to mix it up.

    Looks like a great week!

  2. Looks like some wonderful, hands-on learning going on at your house! (Love the name of your blog BTW!) And the calendar is great! (I have some of the same printables slipped into plastic sleeves in a work binder for my 1st grader to complete with wet erase markers.) Stopping by from Weekly Wrap-up! Have a great upcoming week!

  3. Great ideas, such fun projects.

  4. awww what a fun week! :) great job on the new calendar wall :)

  5. @B. Martin
    Thanks so much! I need to work at consistency too.

  6. @Our Side of the Mountain
    So glad you stopped by. I started by just having the flip charts before I did the actual board to see if we would use them or not and then I decided to do the board.


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