Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free ABC Exercise Cards

We have been doing these ABC exercise cards everyday before school starts (school at home) to get some energy out.  The kids have loved them so I thought I would share them with you.  I actually got them in a busy bag swap but you can print and laminate your own.

Teach Mama blog has some great ideas on how to use them.  We have ours laminated and then on a ring so we can flip through them.

From Teach Mama

How we use them:

I go through each letter and we do the exercise to the count of 10.  We make it all the way through the alphabet all though interest starts waning at "Y".  I do let them choose a different exercise for a certain letter if they want.  For instance, my son likes to do punches for "P" instead of what the exercise is. 

I just thought I would pass this along in case you might be interested. 

How to find them:

Go to The Homeschool Share site, My Body Lapbook, to download this resource.  The cards start on page 54 of the PDF and go to page 60.



  1. "p" is for punching. My boys would love that.

  2. glad you're back to blogging- I missed you :)

  3. I agree with Sarah. I missed your posts. I understand not feeling up to it though! Do what you can.

  4. @Sarah
    You are such a faithful commenter. I love that!

  5. @Ma
    Yes, we do have the boys in our house don't we - I mean you much more than me.


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