Saturday, August 4, 2012

Remember how I told you we sold our house? Well . . .

We made it through showings and an inspection and an appraisal and another inspection and we came to our closing date.  Of course before the closing date we had our fourth child and we moved to our rental house and then we were so exhausted that we decided to go on a mini vacation for some relaxation.

It was while we were on our vacation that we got THE call.  Our closing that had been delayed twice was NOT going to happen.  We DID NOT sell our house.  Apparently what happened was that the couple was getting state assistance with the down payment and when they applied for it her husband, who worked construction, wasn't working very much but when they needed to verify it again (which was last week) he had been working more and they no longer qualified for it and they couldn't come up with it on there own so there you are.  Government programs in action.

We decided to leave our vacation a day early and drive home because we didn't think we could sleep anyway.  Fortunately we were only 3 hours from home.  

After a day or two of shock we had to make some decisions.   We had paid the rental for August anyway so we could stay here and show the house like crazy but honestly, I like my house and I do not like my rental.  And I am tired of this whole process.  So we decided to move back home.  As for keeping the house on the market - we are not sure.  We may or we may not put it back up in 6 months or so.

How we are using this to our advantage - we are using this opportunity to move back into our house to pare down.  We are only bringing in things that we really, really need and we are selling the rest.  We have learned a lot about the process and we will do things completely differently next time.

Life will go on.  Again, we are all healthy and alive and that is far more precious than anything else right now.  I fully believe that God has a plan and it doesn't always include our living a calm, easy life.  Some of the things we go through are to test our character and some of the things we go through are due to our own stupidity.  Either way, I pray my response will be the right response and that my character will be strengthened because I still have a lot to learn.

And another little piece of good news - I finally have a  laptop again so you may be hearing from me more in the future.



  1. Hey, Gretchen:

    My favorite line of the post: God's plan for our life does not guarantee a calm, easy path. Thank you so much for affirming that. Why do we always think it can only be God's plan if everything goes the way we want it? Thanks for that!

  2. Lynn,

    Thank you! It is a hard lesson to remember some times.


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