Monday, September 3, 2012

Frugal tip - Cook waffles for the freezer

Whenever I pass the Eggo waffles I want to buy them and I sometimes do.   But tonight as I was shopping I stopped myself because I knew I had all the ingredients to make these at home.  Which is what I am doing.  Right now.

I have to stop relying on convenience food because food prices are going up and I can't keep doing that and saving money.

I often use a blender batter waffle recipe that calls for wheat berries, but I am out.  So I found this recipe that enables me to use oats instead!  Oh and when I use this recipe I just use regular milk and I don't let it ferment or anything.  I just put all the ingredients into the blender then pour the batter and my pre-heated waffle iron.

I make the waffles then flash freeze them on a pan.  Then I put them in Ziplock baggies and we just throw them in the toaster in the morning!  Healthier and cheaper than "those" other waffles.

There is your frugal post for today.
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  1. It's ridiculous that I've been cooking all these years and didn't know what the term "flash freeze" meant. It sounds so 'culinary' Then I realized it's something I've been doing all along! ha! I just didn't know it had a fancy name. I thought only big frozen food producers could do it.


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