Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goals for 2013

These are my goals for 2013.   I need to get back to being intentional.  I think these are very doable for me.   I just need to break them down into "bite size pieces".



  • Continue sending fun and encouraging texts daily to my husband.
  • Work on carving out a weekly date night time - arrange babysitting.
  • Read a book a month together


  • Go on a date with each kid once a month - either me or my husband.
  • Work on memorizing verses each week and remembering them and applying them.
  • Work on consistent morning routine and bedtime routines.

Ministry/Friendships/Extended Family

  • Encourage others - send a verse once a week with encouraging words via text, e-mail or phone call and write two encouraging notes per week.
  • Make a fun event once a month and invite family/friends over.
  • Start a monthly game night.
  • Invite someone new over once a month.
  • Continue our weekly accountability group meetings


  • Give
  • Save for a replacement vehicle for my husband's work car.
  • Keep saving for a down payment for a new-to-us house with land.



  1. I love how each goal is very maintainable. :)

  2. It looks like we have similar hostess goals. I look forward to finding out what you are doing with friends and family!

  3. I'd be willing to baby-sit if you and Ryan would ever like a date night out this way. (The PV one stop is romantic, you know!:)

  4. Great goals! I started doing date nights with my girls too. It's a lot of fun.

  5. @Jenny M
    Thank you, I look forward to checking out your goals.

  6. @Lindsey
    You know how much I love the One Stop - tanning and pizza and a movie. What is more romantic???

  7. @Thrifty Mom in Boise
    Thank you! Hope you had a good Christmas. I haven't been blog reading much but I'm getting back on it so I'm coming to visit yours.

  8. @michelle birdwell
    I am really trying to make goals that I can actually do.


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