Thursday, January 24, 2013

Our Adoption Story Hasn't Been Written Yet

When I was ten years old, I was sitting in a pew with my family when a missionary came to speak.  As most missionaries do, they had slides of where they were living.  Of course they had slides back then now they have Power Point presentations and such, but I digress.   I had lived a pretty sheltered life until then and so I hadn't really seen how people lived on the other side of the world.  I saw the faces of these lonely, hungry, barely clothed children and I wanted to cry and then I got angry.

My thoughts turned to injustice - how can we sit here in this warm building with so many things when these children have almost nothing and no family to love them.  After that night I new that I would adopt.  I honestly thought about it a lot growing up.  I dreamed about it.  I still do.

I feel like God has been so gracious to us.  He has given me an incredible life - beyond what I thought I could have or be.  My children are so blessed with parents that love each other and them.  We are so blessed.   I know this is a bold statement but I know somehow, at some point I will adopt. 

Things in our life don't make that dream seem possible right now.  There are many things to consider yet I am very confident God will allow this to happen in our lives.  I am drawn to it.  Right now I am being as patient as I can.  I am praying about it daily.  All of my friends know it is in my heart.  I know it will be a very tough journey.  I know it could be expensive.   I know we have a 1400 square foot house with 6 people already living here.  I know we have two vehicles - one with close to 200,000 miles on it and the other with well over 100,000.  I know I stay at home and we have kids to feed and clothe.

And yet I know that God will provide.  Why wouldn't He?  He has provided my every need up until this point.  I feel very strongly that Christian families should seriously consider adoption.  Is it a mandate?  No.  Is it a salvation issue - of course not.  They are the least among us.  They are many times helpless.  We have to look beyond the, "But I can't afford it", "My family is full already."  "We don't have room in our house for one more child.".

We have to step out on faith and God will make a way.  Let me tell you folks, I am so excited to see it happen.  I can't wait!

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P.S. Some friends recommended a book to me and I can't wait to read it.  You might want to check it out too - Adopted for Life


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  1. It touches my heart to hear what you have said in this post. I felt the same as you do from a very young age. I adopted two beautiful girls from China. I cannot tell you enough how blessed I have been that God saw fit to place these two precious girls with me.

    I had two vehicles with the same amount of mileage as yours, one was nearly ten years old and the other almost twenty! Our house is 990 so we added a room on in our garage to increase it to 1030 and that became my teenage son's bedroom. It now serves us as our family room.

    I often marvel at how I managed as a single mother on one meager income to come up with the $$ for these adoptions, let alone to raise three children. God is amazing in how He makes that work out. Still is.

    I stopped waiting for "the right time" and dove in head first and determined. If it is meant to be it will happen. God will see to it. And He did.

    I can honestly say that the adoption of my daughters it my greatest and toughest accomplishment to date. I can't imagine my life without them either.

    Good luck and God bless with your adoption story. It will happen.


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