Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Busy Bag Idea - Pom Pom Patterns - with a Printable

My 5 year old likes this a lot and it would also be good for a younger child.  You take the printables and print them on card stock and laminate them if you want to.  Then you gather up some colored pom poms of different sizes. 

You can find the printables to this activity here.

Here is a pattern sheet where you figure out the pattern and put the correct colored pom pom at the end.

Here you can make your own color patterns but follow the size patterns.  Then at the bottom of this sheet you can follow the counting pattern by putting the correct number of pom poms in the square with the number on it.

You can store this in a gallon zip top bag.

Hope you like this activity.



  1. Where have you found is the best place to buy manipulatives? Oriental Trading? A craft store? A teacher supply store? It looks like you have a lot of great hands on learning toys & activities.

  2. @Lindsey
    I haven't bought much from Oriental Trading although I like to. I usually buy mine at Joann's or the Dollar Store and sometimes at Target's Dollar spot.


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