Saturday, February 2, 2013

Our Life and School this Week

This has been a week - a crazy, wonderful week.  We started Sunday with church of course and then you have to read all about The Benefit we went to this week.

 I finally got a new, simple set up for my middle two to do school.  We are being laid back.  I am putting all of their week's worth of work in their workboxes and then each day I let them pick the one they want to do out of each box.  It is more fun for them.  You may notice an extra kid in some of these pictures.  I am babysitting for a friend three days a week for a few weeks while she takes over teaching for someone's maternity leave. 

We did several things with Miss Makenna this week.

We also did some group things this week.  One of those was playing with shaving cream.   We tried writing letters and such but mostly they just played with it and then we got cars and drove it in the pans.

 And then I did some things with the boys too.  Caleb is 3 and our friend is 4 so we did some things with them together.

Pre-writing activities

He decided to follow the middle line in his name

Tracing the circle and the ones


They love Starfall - love it!  Here they are doing math.  My daughter loves it but it is above her head right now but my older son Isaac gives her the answers.

We are still doing K12 now through our local charter hybrid school (2nd grade).  But I found out about this Grammar symbols chart from several Montessori websites and knew this would work well for my hands on learner!  It made it so much easier for him.  When I refine it I will post more about it.  And yes, he always has to make a face.

Also, I had a cheap clock that I decided to do this to, to help the kids tell time more easily.  And guess what - 10 minutes after I did this, this clock quit, of course it did.  So I plan to get a new cheap clock to do this again.  This is my pinterest - if you want to follow me.  The how-to is on there.

Here is a peak into our life:

Getting ready for gymnastics

Our little cutie

Bumbo head
I had some girls (and boy) over to finish the Valentine's Day cards and just to have fun.

And we now have our first broken bone in the house.  It was a bean bag jumping accident:(.  He was a trooper.  He charmed all of the hospital staff that he saw.

He also wanted me to take silly pics of him while we were waiting to be released.

That is how our week went.  How was your week?

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