Friday, March 1, 2013

Drink Cup Tray - Saves on dishes!

Last year my sister-in-law sent me an idea from Pinterest and since I have so much time on my hands, I finally finished the project - a year later.

Here is the picture and post that I got the idea from:

From Bee in our Bonnet

 I decided to do mine slightly differently.

Do you want to make one?

Here are the things that you need:

Wood glue
Modge Podge
Paint of your choice
Scrapbook paper (or card stock)
Cabinet handles
Wood board of your choice
Small pegs for the tray to stand on


Paint the board whatever color you choose, let dry.  Paint the "legs" the same color - allow to dry.  Cut squares from your scrapbook paper.  Lay the paper on the board (once the paint is dry) and use a ruler to make sure they are the same length apart.

Now, grab your Modge Podge and "paint" the back of the squares and stick them on and then paint the front of the squares along with the top of the board - allow to dry completely.  Once dry, put another coat on and allow that to dry.  Once that is dry stencil initials onto each square and you can put one more Modge Podge layer on that after the stencils are dry if you want.

Once everything is dry, use your wood glue and glue on the little spindles or pegs you got for your "legs".  Once that is somewhat dry, use your wood glue to put the handles on each side.  Let dry overnight and then use it everyday!

I have had to remind the kids to put their cups on it when they are done but they are getting more used to it.  This lets us keep one cup the whole day - just rinsing it and when the kids say - where's my drink I say, "Check the tray."

I love it!

 Where I bought everything:

The wood board itself I bought for $5.99 at Joann's.  I bought the pegs,scrapbook paper, black paintm Modge Podge and stencils there too.  I bought the wood glue and and handles at Lowe's.  It was all very inexpensive probably about less than $15 to make and some things like the glue, paint, Modge Podge and stencils I can use again!



  1. Very cool my friend. Very cool indeed. We have a "general" area for cups at the moment. But I"m thinking of how I could incorporate this in what space I have. Hmmm.....
    Have a lovely day.


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