Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week in Review - school and life - starting science

We had a pretty normal week this week.  I started science because my friend let us borrow her Apologia book and we are starting with Zoology 2 - Swimming Creatures because my son loves sharks! I've decided that we will be doing school year round with breaks here and there and lighter things in the summer because my kids retain it better and I can take a week off here and there to plan.  Right now my curriculum is such that it is laid out for me and I don't have to do a lot of prep.


We still love doing our All About Reading for my K5 girl and All About Spelling for my boy.

When it comes to reading the word cards I spread them out and let her pick one and she reads the one she picks.

All About Spelling
I am working on getting them to be more self sufficient when it comes to chores so I have these cards in a baseball card holder and they turn them over when they are done.

This was part of our "Parting the red sea" Bible lesson.  I had them see if they could make a path in water with certain objects.

She is working on Math U See primer book.

 With science I try to make it fun because that is what I would like.  I don't  like just reading out of a book - I want it to come to life.

I made my version of these Sharks on a Beach Snack.

 We made an Ocean Sensory Bin.

Here is the bin in action:


We met one of my son's former school friends at a fun indoor play place.

We had a picnic at the park with some of our other friends.

My sister and niece came over and we played a little Scrabble.  I lost.

My girl and I went to get a pedicure - it was girl's night!

We watched this Lego film about Jericho.  It was great!  You can buy it from Ebay and Amazon.

We read books.

She learned a new skill - clapping.

 And that is a peak into our week.  How was your week?

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