Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Breakfast freezer cooking and weekly prepping

This week I knew I had to make some things for the freezer or we would be eating out way too much (like last week).

On Sunday night, I got down to business.

What we did:

My daughter really wanted to help me and my boys were also in the kitchen - one playing at the table with toys and the other doing a computer game.

I made the Fluffy Pancake recipe (above) and decided to put maple syrup in the middle of the pancakes while they cooked - just make sure you don't let it drip off of the pancake because it tends to burn.  I did this for two reasons - maple syrup is expensive and they don't have to pour it on their pancakes now and it makes the pancakes sweeter and able to eat on the go.  I made mini ones so they are easier to handle and so that we had more.

While I was cooking pancakes, my daughter was measuring ingredients for the muffins (with my help).

We ended up making about 36 or so muffins and I don't even know how many pancakes for the freezer.

Then I went about prepping things for the week.  First I used mini jelly jars and made my homemade trail mix - 1 T. almonds, sunflower seeds, chocolate chips (dark), dried cranberries.

Then I made salads in a jar (just a few) and then I cut up some veggies and put them in a jar with hummus at the bottom (didn't work out really well as the hummus was hard to get to).  Then I put fruit in a jar to make it easy to grab and eat (and that worked out REALLY, REALLY well).

I had been getting away from prepping things on Sunday night and I really need to stick with it because it makes the week so much better.

Today I also made Baked Oatmeal cups so we could also freeze some of those.  I usually do the peanut butter ones but today I did cinnamon coconut baked oatmeal and the kids still really liked it.  My kids love these but they only will eat it if I do them in muffin cups instead of in a 9 x 13 in. pan.  Silly children.


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