Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Our Journey with Dyslexia Part II - Amazing things are happening

Here is where the story takes an interesting turn and really gets good.  I want to write this all down so that I will remember God's incredible grace through this journey and the things he brought into our lives.  We were in the middle of my son's second grade year.  I was still doing the hybrid public charter school but we were so frustrated.  I had my suspicions for a while that he might be dyslexic but his little school did not do testing so I went to my pediatrician and she suggested I start with behavioral health testing.

I did that.  We went and he was tested and I had to wait a month to get the results back!!!  I was naive and didn't realize they did not do dyslexia testing there.  When I went in for the results the doctor gave me the report and talked me through it.  She told me she was giving me a preliminary diagnosis of ADHD but here is the kicker - she did not believe he had ADHD!  He registered right on the border of possibly having it.

So basically I got no answers except that she would refer me to occupational therapy to help him with his fine motor skills (writing and such).  I was fine with that because his writing was still atrocious and he was still having trouble tying his shoes well.  But I was at a loss as to where to go about dyslexia testing.

We started occupational therapy after being on a waiting list.  I looked into the Dyslexia Institute of Indiana but it was about $1600 to get tested - having dyslexia is expensive.  We just couldn't do that right now so I was praying and trying to figure out what in the world we were going to do.

Then comes January and I get a message that would change everything for me.  An acquaintance messaged me on Facebook.  How I know this lady is a story in and of itself but I'll tell you about that later.  She just said that she saw on my Facebook that I homeschooled and wondered if we could get together and talk.

We finally meet up and start talking and she tells me about her daughter (a year old than my son) and how she is - wait for it - dyslexic!  Up until now we had not discussed this with anyone. I didn't know who to talk to so my husband and I just kept it to ourselves mostly.

Can you believe this?  She goes on to tell me how she had her daughter tested at this school that deals with dyslexic kids which is about 45 minutes south of us.  They only charge $149.  Since she was able to get the diagnosis she was able to get her daughter tutoring from DII (Dyslexia Institute of Indiana) for a decent price.

I honestly wanted to shout from the rooftops because God had literally laid a solution in my lap.  I called the school to make an appointment but it would be a few months before I find out anything and in the meantime God just kept doing these amazing things for us.

More to come  . . .

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