Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm doing the Whole30 and I'm on Day 10

I am on Day 10 of the Whole30.  I don't normally do things like this.  Things like not eating grains or sugar or dairy.  No, that would be kind of insane for me.

My husband wanted us to quietly do this and not tell anyone we are doing it.   But I cannot do that.  I mean I did that for a few days but I have to share.  I need some support or encouragement or someone to tell me I'm crazy.

I already knew that though.

I thought it would be more difficult and this coming from a girl who LOVES her bread and her cheese and her pizza and her sugar.

The worst thing about it is the lack of variety but that is my fault.  I could make a lot more I just don't.  Because I have to think too much to do that.


The thing about this is that it really does make you think - about what you eat.  About not just putting things in your mouth like the kids leftovers.

It doesn't make you hungry at all.  I'm not hungry.  In fact I just wanted to quit eating so much because you have to eat a lot to get all the nutrients and things in.  I don't worry how much I'm eating because what I am eating satisfies me.  Also, who really wants to over indulge in broccoli?  Not me.  But I'll tell you what else I have found - I'm flossing a lot more.  I'm eating a lot more meat and man does that get stuck in  your teeth.  I read that on anther blog - and I totally agreed!

I have days that I want to quit but now I feel like I know too much to quit.  I know what I was like before and what I am like now and right now - I'm fine.  Like really fine.  Like no headaches at all in the last 10 days and yes, I'm still drinking coffee.  My husband keeps telling me my skin is glowing.  My breakouts are less it seems.

Homemade Mayo

The biggest difference I think is energy.  I'm great throughout the day but I'm more tired at night when I'm suppose to be.  I literally can't think past 7 or 8 pm.  I'm awake just not productive.  The book talks about the "carb flu" where you are worse before you are better and I think I'm still going through a touch of that.

I have wanted to eat this way for a long time.  Like if I lived on a mini farm I could eat this way and sustain myself - just eating fruits, vegetables and proteins we could "grow" and kill ourselves.

I wanted to completely avoid restaurants but I couldn't make myself do that until now.  I mean I still go through drive thru's for my kids but I do not get one thing and honestly I don't want to.

This way of eating does make food a little boring but that is great for me.  I need to put food in its place.  I have found it to be an emotional crutch for me.  I was using it when I was stressed.  I was using it when I was happy.  I was using it when I was bored.  I know many of us do that too.

I am seriously considering doing Paleo when I am done.  Except I may still have pizza once a week but I will have to see how I feel after eating to make that judgement.  I do believe in the 80/20 rule.

Also, I have cheated with one thing - coffee creamer.  I drank it black for a while and I did the coconut milk but this one thing has really stopped me from falling off a cliff so I'm keeping it for now.

Also, I have weighed myself.  You aren't suppose to because it isn't suppose to be about weight loss but sometimes I needed a little more motivation to stay the course and I can report the results are really unbelievable.  I'll share more when I'm done.

Have you ever done the Whole30?  How did it go?



  1. I've been doing Atkins since Feb. 3rd which is pretty much all real food. I had the carb flu for about two weeks. Doing great now.
    It is great to experiment. :) Have fun,

  2. It is so hard to do because I miss so many of my favorite foods:(


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