Saturday, August 8, 2015

Homeschool Curriculum 2015-2016

Third year is a charm right?  I have heard that it takes three years to really get the hang of homeschooling and I am finding that to be true.  This year I have chosen things that will make it much easier to teach multiple kids.  There are things that I have to sit down and do with each kid and if I did that with everything they need to know for each of the kids I would not get anything else done.  There are things we will learn together and there are things I will do separately with them.

I hope to learn a lot this year too.  I'll be working on my older two to be a bit more independent.  I'm really looking forward to Veritas Press Bible and history online.  From the sample lessons I've went through I have loved it!

Discovery Education Science Textbook is new to us this year too.  I'm excited because it will read things aloud to you and with two dyslexics that is so helpful!

We also bought the two oldest portable DVD players so they can do their grammar at the same time.  We kept having to take turns last year and it took so much longer.  I read a tip from another blogger that they bought these so their kids could watch them at the same time and I thought that was brilliant!  Plus you can take them on car trips.

Here is our plan for the year!

Mr. C. - Kindergarten

Miss M -1st/2nd grade

Mr. I - 4/5th grade

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