Friday, June 13, 2008

Frugal Friday - Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diapers

I used cloth diapers for about two weeks with my first child. I gave up because I didn’t know anything about it. With my second child I did more research and a friend of mine started her own online cloth diapering business. So she taught me a lot, plus a friend of mine at church does cloth diapers as well and she has also helped me out.

So I use cloth diapers very regularly. I do use regular diapers at night although I will try to transition to cloth at night very soon. I don’t have many size mediums so I need to get more.

My favorite brand is Fuzzi Bunz. But I have used Bumkins, Crickett’s diapers, Bum Genius and Haute Pockets.

Many people have written on how to get started. So I won’t do that. I will just tell you that cloth diapering isn’t scary. You don’t have to have $500 to start. I started by buying one or two at a time and using them once a day or so. I gradually got more and started using them more. I bought a diaper bag and put my diapers in there until I wash them.

I have also started using cloth wipes. I still keep regular wipes around for messy poopie diapers.

If you are interested in knowing more there are many resources to tell you about them. I will say this. I really like the All-In-ones best. They are really easy. I also use biodegradable diaper liners which makes them a lot less messy. I read that you can wash and reuse those as well as long as they hold up and I have been doing that.

You can buy used diapers from Craig's list. Which I have done, just wash them in hot water and you are good to go.

Here is a great post on a cloth diapering system. She actually has several interesting posts on her cloth diapers.

I personally feel really good about using cloth diapers. I am not an environmentalist, but I did get tired of just throwing away diapers. Even if I didn't pay a lot for them it was still a waste. Cloth diapering really is easy. Seriously, if I can do it honestly anyone can!
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  1. I like Fuzzi Bunz, too. I started clothing diapering almost a year ago (daugther is 20 months.) I definitely intend to do it from the start with my next one. I've found a lot of people are starting to cloth diaper. I don't know if it's the economy, the environment, or what, but it's like we're all discovering it's not that scary. Good post!

  2. Nice post! I love LOVE cloth diapers and am so excited to see that more people are trying them. If you want a really special diaper try WAHM cloth diapers. You'll be helping to support a small business too. :)
    ~Amy Sue

  3. I am with you that cloth diapering is much better. We recently started cloth diapering our son for several reasons (chemicals in disposables, environment, economy). I looked into the fitted diapers, but the price was a huge turn off. So we started cloth diapering the old fashioned way with just the folded diaper, pins, and plastic pants. For the cost of one pack of diapers we had all of our supplies. You don't need the fancy expensive cloth diapers to get started. We don't have to keep buying more sizes. And it's still not that hard. It is no more work than the others, you still wash them. If you really want the fitted cloth diapers, there are dozens of FREE patterns out there. You can make one for a fraction of the cost.

  4. This is a helpful post! It's cool to know that even though it didn't work for your first baby, you decided to give it a shot for your second.

    I hope I can find a system that works for me!

  5. I find this blog interesting. Forty-five yrs ago, when I was 21, I had twins. Cloth diapers were always received at baby showers, costing about $3.98 doz. Disposables didn't exist. I used a wringer washer, no dryer, and did 4 doz diapers every other day like clockwork. Diapers were hung on a clothesline summer & winter unless it was raining, then I used a folding wood rack inside. Toilet paper or kleenex was used to wipe poop off baby's bottom, then flushed & I used a washcloth to finish cleaning bottom. Poopy diapers were sloshed up & down in toilet to get solids off then put in a diaper pail in water. When it was time to wash them each one had to be wrung out of the water by hand; I then rinsed them again before putting in washer.
    Upside? I think cloth -diapered babies are ready to potty train earlier. Wet cloth diapers are uncomfortable!
    I now have 8 grandkids, all used disposables and I must admit they sure are nice. Guess what? My favorite housework is still LAUNDRY!


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